Business Update – 8 March 2023

Business Update – 8 March 2023

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Welcome back to our Weekly Digest. Read on for the latest updates and some ideas to help us all move forward.

Why do we pay much higher home loan rates than those overseas?

New Zealand borrowers are paying home loan rates that Australian and British borrowers “wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.” As a result, the Commerce Commission is being pressed to conduct a market study.

How to spot fake census accounts

Kiwis are being attacked by fake accounts online claiming to be gathering data for the 2023 census. Learn how to identify and report fake accounts here.

How much will your mortgage cost when renewed

New Zealanders are in for a mortgage shock, as the official cash rate is at its highest since 2008. As mortgage terms end, many of us will face much higher payments than we locked in years ago when rates were low.

5 steps to put your remote working policy into practice

Eighty percent of organizations worldwide allow some form of remote work, and 27 percent allow employees to work entirely remotely without ever going to the office. Follow these five steps to make sure your company is on board.

Save money by choosing thrifted toys

Everyone wants to give their children everything, but spending hundreds on the latest toys isn’t an option for most with the ever-rising cost of living. Stuff magazine spotlights a clever Kiwi who sticks to the op shops for her kids’ toys – and has wound up with genuinely priceless treasures.

Women trail men in home ownership

Female-only ownership of dwellings was 22 percent, compared to male-only ownership at 22.5 percent. While the gap between women and men who own homes appears to be closing, the reality is that many people are opting for joint ownership as prices rise.

Business earnings are reason for hope, but many remain guarded

The first corporate reporting season of the year has come in and has mostly delivered to expectations. However, many publicly listed companies remain cautious.

Improve the sustainability of your supply chain

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment has put together this guide to help protect your business’s supply chain. Learn more here.

Toblerone is no longer Swiss enough to have the Matterhorn on its packaging

Mondelez, the US parent company of Toblerone, is moving some of its production to Slovakia. Because Switzerland has laws regulating the use of national symbols, the change could see the Matterhorn disappear from the packaging because it will no longer meet the country’s standard of ‘Swissness.’

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